The Democrat Propaganda Machine is trying really, really, hard this week

Welcome to a day of me laughing out loud at some popular talking head figures I know you’re familiar with. And if you’re not familiar with these circus clowns, then you’re about to get a front row ticket to the Joe Biden circus that’s driving America into the ground faster than the roaring locomotive and speeding bullet that Superman used to race against.

We used to be a strong America with people who had a backbone and common sense, but now we’re just becoming a nation blinded by the Democrat propaganda machine. Some of them have gone so far left that they no longer have any common sense. The more they talk, the more it seems like they don’t even want to be here. It sounds like these folks hate their country, but they won’t ever leave – and we all know why. But you know what, I wish some of them would leave. Go somewhere else and run their country into the ground, see what happens somewhere else. I bet they won’t stand for it like some of the people here do – and it’s time for us to turn that around and get America back on track.

Needless to say, here’s a few people who’ve clearly lost touch with reality and guess which side of the political spectrum they most likely vote for? I’m just speculating here because we don’t know who anyone really votes for once they’re voting. But we can take an educated guess on some of them… and clearly, some of them ARE Democrats, so we know what they’re up to lately – and it’s nothing good!

Democrat Rep. Katie Porter talking about the death of an American thanks to the failed border that allowed an illegal immigrant to come in and eventually kill the American girl. This is an abomination and Katie Porter is downplaying the “incident” and suggesting we can’t let it dictate the narrative behind the border. OH YES WE CAN. This may have been prevented, but the Democrats clearly can’t handle the border as America is being invaded in massive numbers. Thanks for nothing. Watch Katie Porter’s awful video

Whoopi Goldberg goes on another propaganda-filled anti-Trump tirade and proves she’s suffering from the joke term “TDS” which stands for “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” What I would love to know is if Whoopi Goldberg believes ANYTHING she says, or she’s just acting for ‘The View’ and putting on a pro-Democrat show in hopes to influence the 2024 election. Does she really believe any of the nonsense she says, or is it all just a paycheck to her? Watch Whoopi Goldberg suffer another meltdown on video.

What happened to Bob Costas? I remember him doing sports and all of a sudden he’s a grown man crying about Donald Trump on television. Did Democrats pay him off to speak all this anti-Trump rhetoric and be part of the mainstream media propaganda machine? I thought Bob Costas was cool back in the day when he did sports. I feel bad for the guy. It’s like he’s begging to be relevant again. Watch Bob Costas nearly burst a vessel in his tirade.

Gotta love when Joe Biden has his moments! This guy, who 81 million people voted for, went on a show and made some jokes that clearly backfired. Biden was suggesting that Donald Trump was the one suffering some mental or cognitive decline, joking that he forgets his wife Melania’s name. Clearly Donald Trump doesn’t forget his wife’s name. This backfired because people ran right to the comment sections to remind Biden of his own flaws. It was like Joe Biden was projecting. Heck, even the DOJ report said Biden was having some mental/memory issues, so let’s just be realistic here, shall we? Watch Joe Biden make a false claim joke about Trump that backfires big time.


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