Maria Bartiromo does it again! You can’t touch this!


Maria Bartiromo does it again! This time she destroyed Debbie Dingell(berry). Dingell has to be one of the worst people out there if she has no answers. I know this video is spliced together, but one thing we know is that Democrats have failed America in the worst ways you could imagine.

This video is pieced together for social media and to show Maria Bartiromo highlights against Democratic figures. But that doesn’t matter because the facts are the facts. Maria Bartiromo handles these people with ease and even when the videos are edited for reactions, they still boil down to the same thing – Democrat failures and how we need to fix America.

Here’s a few topics that Americans want fixed with the 2024 election – and these are things that Democrats can’t fix because they’re part of the problems, not the solutions.

1) Americans want a closed and secure border.

2) Americans want the government to stop giving money to other countries until we’ve fixed problems here, in our own country.

3) Americans want politicians who are tough on crime, not Democrats who give criminals the thought that they can run wild and get a slap on the wrist.

4) Americans want men to stay out of the women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports. Stop infringing on real women and taking their opportunities and invading their privacy and personal spaces.

5) Americans want interest rates reduced on loans, mortgages, and credit cards. These rates are at criminally high levels and it’s like we’re not doing anything to fix it.

6) Americans want rent control in every neighborhood. Why are so many people paying MORE in rent than a mortgage would cost. Both of my mortgages were at least $500 less than my rent is now. I sold both houses and I should have kept the second one when I moved. Don’t give me the nonsense that landlords need to make money too. Landlords of huge apartment complexes make MILLIONS, they would be fine if everyone’s rent was a few hundred less each month. Private landlord are way different than people or corporations who run the apartment complexes where they give you the bare minimum and take the maximum rent for nothing. It’s out of control.

7) Americans want consumer goods prices to go down. They’re out of control and part of the reason is that people are demanding $15+ an hour for minimum wage and no-skill jobs. Sorry, fast food workers, but you shouldn’t get $15 an hour to throw a few burgers in a bag. Save these jobs for teenagers and let the adults take the other jobs. These overpriced paychecks are pricing the value meals out of existence. Who’s fault is that? Democrats, because Democrats keep making bad decisions that sound cool – but they have bad long term effects on everyone.

8) Americans don’t care about student loan forgiveness. We don’t want to pay for your useless feminist arts and gender degree loan that you can’t get a job with. If we reduced interest rates on your loans to 1% – then you can pay for your degree yourself.

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