Trump vs Biden poll on MSNBC


President Joe Biden vs former President Donald Trump in some random polls on MSNBC might be something Democrats are scared of. Trump seems to be winning these polls on MSNBC, which is funny because of how far left MSNBC has gone over the years


Then again, we all know that polls don’t mean anything and polls are often small samples of people. For example, even a poll of 1,000 people doesn’t say much compared to how many millions of people are in America. Polls are just small samples of people’s opinions that provide talking points for shows or news publications. Except, it’s fun to watch Trump win on a network like MSNBC. That must have been tough for the hosts to swallow. RNC Research highlighted some interesting points from the poll between Trump and Biden:


— Handling a crisis: Trump +4

— Strong record as president: Trump +7

— Competent and effective: Trump +9

— Necessary mental and physical health: Trump +19

— Dealing with inflation and cost of living: Trump +22


Trump vs Biden poll on MSNBC


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