“They’re getting decimated”: Trump warns Americans


Former President Donald Trump issued a stern warning to all Americans about what the Democratic Party is doing to our country thanks to Joe Biden’s failing administration and the border crisis that’s allowed tons of migrants to flood the nation and cause America to spend billions dealing with it.

Trump’s warning was to the Hispanic and African American communities who could suffer when they lose funding, lose jobs, and see money that normally went towards their communities being potentially reduced so places like sanctuary cities can deal with the influx of migrants. People in Chicago were already expressing their distaste for the migrants, saying that money that went to their community was already being siphoned for people who shouldn’t even be there.

Some Chicago residents are speaking out. A political news story about the migrant crisis was published on Daily Caller last month and it had quotes from resident who wanted this nonsense to stop. This sentiment doesn’t live just in Chicago – it’s all across the nation. Taxpayers are ticked off with their money going to people who aren’t even Americans. The working class is watching their tax dollars being spent on OTHER people and they’re not happy about it. As the report quoted two folks

One person said, “All this asylum-seeking lie, all this about refugees — no, no, no. What’s happening is they’re emptying out the dregs of their jails into the United States and to our communities… They’re junking up our country. And yeah, we feel some kind of way about it because it’s our country. We’re going to get them out of our communities because they don’t deserve to be there.” Another person said, “If the crisis is so bad, the city council members who are so concerned should donate their salaries to the cause like a real public servant should.

An article on the Chicago Sun Times talked about how people would like to help, but that the city needs to stop accepting migrants until they have a real plan. You mean, like a real plan that doesn’t involve spending millions or billions in taxpayer money on people who are not citizens? Two good parts of that article said this:

Would we let a family adopt any children if they could not provide food, medicine, clothing and housing for them? I think not. I think we need to take a step back and find solutions to these problems before we accept any new arrivals.

In addition, the only money the city of Chicago has is taxpayers’ money, so yes, Chicagoans should have input as to how its spent. That being said, I ask our mayor to tell us: How much of our money are you willing to spend?

Good question. America doesn’t have money for this. It’s obvious that our country needs to fix a million things of our own before we’re able to help others anymore. I think, at this point, it’s time to send people home and fix our country. Once we’re back to normal, then we can help people a lot better. As of now, it’s a complete mess and our immigration process needs to be fixed too. People who want to come to America should be able to once they go through the process, but the process is a mess itself. Fix things in America first, then we can help others once we’re back to being organized and not a disaster.

Joe Biden and his entire administration need to be voted out, otherwise things will get drastically worse.

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