Use your wit to figure out who among the three men is carrying the heaviest load on their shoulders.

In an era of scarce leisure time, more people turn to alternative entertainment.

The Rise of Visual Tests Online

The internet provides a vast array of options for engaging in visual tests.

Stimulating Brain Activity

Visual tests challenge various areas of the brain.

Focus on Logical Skills

This article exclusively targets logical thinking skills.

The Challenge: Identifying the Heaviest Load

Three men carry a log, and the task is to identify who carries the heaviest load.

Two Types of Visual Tests

Tests can either stimulate logical-intuitive thinking or delve into introspection.

Limited Timeframe

Players have a set time, in this case, seven seconds, to solve the test.

Solving the Puzzle

Trust your instincts and logic to find the correct solution.

Revealing the Answer

Discover who among the men carries the heaviest load.


Congratulations or Encouragement

Acknowledge success or encourage further attempts.

Solution Revealed

If you couldn’t solve it, here’s the answer.


Whether you solved it or not, there will be more opportunities to test your skills.

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