Anti-Woke guest takes on ‘The View’ hosts

This was probably one of the best interviews you’ll ever see on ‘The View’ and that’s not a good thing for them! The guest takes on the hosts of ‘The View’ and demolishes them one by one, proving how wokeness has no place in society and that helping people is not about color, it’s about helping people because they’re people. If you want to help poor people, then help all poor people – not just poor people of one color or the next. This is not a hard concept to grasp and he points that out. The guest calmly points out other things too. This was a very refreshing interview, I must say!

Anti-Woke guest takes on ‘The View’ hosts

The guest was Coleman Hughes, a Forbes 30 Under 30 guy who’s also an analyst for CNN. Now don’t get mad that he does analysis for CNN – but listen to him speak and take down the narrative that ‘The View’ hosts keep trying to push – but he shuts them all down. Coleman did a phenomenal job during this interview and we need more people with his train of thought to step up and speak out against the nonsense that propaganda shows like ‘The View’ keep spewing. It’s wild that Sunny Hostin kept trying to make a point and he just shut them down easily. Good job, Coleman, whoever you are!


Megyn Kelly enjoyed it too. She wrote on X: “Here is the full interview of @coldxman
on The View. First, it is wonderful to see Coleman getting before so many different audiences w/his measured, well-researched, superior arguments. Second, it is an absolute joy to watch him calmly & expertly demolish Sunny Hostin’s fact-free assertions

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