Biden’s failed border sparks spending upticks

The ‘End Wokeness’ account on X was speaking about a recent news video that discussed migrant spending in Chicago thanks to Joe Biden’s failed border. End Wokeness wrote: “NBC keeps asking Chicago how much they are spending to shelter illegal aliens. Chicago provided the numbers for 9 of the 27 shelters in the city: 1. The Inn: $344,000 weekly (1.5k beds) 2. Pilson: $280,000 weekly (2k illegals) 3. Ogden: $150,000 weekly (1k illegals).”


If these numbers are correct, then just think about how that money could have been used to improve Chicago neighborhoods instead of wasting it on migrants. I don’t know much about how the money part works – or if those funds could have been used elsewhere. But I do know this: putting that much money towards improving neighborhoods and schools would be a better investment than paying for migrant crisis housing. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to deport people or relocate them back to the border where they can wait in line and enter the country with the correct process? It seems like cities are struggling to deal with the influx of migrants because the border is out of control and there’s no organized way for people to enter the country at a more reasonable pace. It’s like they’re overrun at the border and it’s just spilling over the top and can’t be contained.

So we’re just wasting money because Joe Biden and his clown car administration can’t figure out the border – or they opened it on purpose. Which one is it? And let’s not even mention safety concerns. What’s going to happen after the 2024 election?

Biden’s failed border sparks spending upticks

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