‘Outdated, punishing rules’ – Mom fights for son, 8, to keep his long hair despite schools rejecting him

Remembering our time at school could evoke happy or sad memories, it’s a tumultuous time filled with highs and lows, but what we can all relate to is school rules.

Some rules make sense like not wearing jewelry during sports but sending someone home with too much makeup or because they’ve smuggled a certain soda drink in seems like a waste of resources and valuable lesson time for the youngsters involved.

Often the rigidity by which schools operate when it comes to a child’s appearance goes against that time in their lives when they want to be different and express themselves.

For one mother and her son these rules went, arguably, too far and could mean an 8-year-old boy misses out on a good education.

Farouk James, from London, England, is blessed with a stunning head of hair which has caught the attention of model scouts. He now works as a child model having done shoots in New York and Italy.

But his appearance has given him nothing but issues at school and he has been rejected from a number of schools because of the length of his hair.

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