Mike Tyson posts training clip and people think Jake Paul should cancel the fight

Mike Tyson Jake Paul

‘Jake Paul is dead’

Fans believe that Jake Paul should cancel his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson after seeing footage of the former world champion in action.

Paul and Tyson will face off on July 20, by which time the former heavyweight will be 58 and YouTube star Paul just 27.



Unsurprisingly, it’s Tyson who has been made the early favourite for the fight and in his first clip can be seen working away on the pads, generating a fair whack of power.

In the footage he can be heard saying: “It’s day one, and the fun has just begun”.

After seeing the video of Tyson on the pads, fans are fearing the worst for Paul.

Piers Morgan said: “I’m very glad I’m not Jake Paul….



Another user added: “Someone needs to save Jake Paul if Iron Mike gets forreal.

“Mike looks better at 60 than 40. Paul gonna get dog walked,” added a third.

“There’s going to be a murder, live, on PPV.”

Tyson and Paul fight details

So far it’s unclear as to whether or not the fight will be classed as an exhibition or professional bout. The number of rounds is also yet to be decided.



Paul’s last fight came in February as he stopped Ryan Bourland in the first round, with his only loss coming to Tommy Fury.

As for Fury, Tyson has fought just once since retiring in 2005, drawing to Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout in 2020.

Tyson vs Paul will also be streamed on Netflix.

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