Chuck Schumer accused of LYING on ‘The View’

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer went on ‘The View’ and was accused of lying and making some bizarre statements that didn’t make much sense. Obviously, ‘The View’ is nothing but propaganda anyway, so it makes perfect sense that someone like Chuck Schumer would go on their show and lie to Americans. People all over social media are saying Chuck Schumer is lying in many ways, but that’s up for YOU to decide for yourself as well.

Chuck Schumer suggested that all the major border issues happening now, like that invasion of illegal immigrants (with many criminals leaking in) busting through the border on a daily basis and flooding cities is NOT due to Joe Biden reversing some of Trump’s policies. Instead, Chuck Schumer thinks it’s because of the GOP not wanting a border deal that has anything tied to Ukraine on it.

That’s a lie. If Joe Biden reversed any policies put in place by Donald Trump, then that is literally the reason why the border is a complete disaster. Either that or the Democrats did this on purpose to create future Democrats, putting all these folks on the path towards finding a way to let illegals vote one day – all under the guise of “seeking sanctuary” which is total BS. We see right through the Democrats failures and failures they do on purpose to sabotage America so they don’t lose power. The Democrats have their own interests at heart, not the interests of Americans.

At some point Chuck Schumer had the nerve to say this, in reference to the bipartisan border bill they were working on that failed:

“And I’ll say one more thing, before we came up with this plan — and I was very proud to help put it together and push it — Democrats were on their back foot on immigration. Now, we are on our front foot. We are saying, we have a bipartisan plan, they don’t want to solve the problem, they just want rhetoric. And guess what, there’s a poll in The Wall Street Journal…today that said Americans side with what we’re doing. So, we have totally reversed this border issue. We still have to answer some questions. But now, we’re on our front foot, not our back foot.”

There may be a poll, but we know polls are small scale nonsense questionnaires that barely measure anything. If The Wall Street Journal asked 100 people a question about Democrats, and 51 of them were Democrats, then you could literally say “the majority” blah blah blah. Polls are stupid.

IF you look around the country and all over social media, then you’d know the truth. The American people want the border closed and illegals deported until America gets things back to normal. Everything is out of control right now and we can’t be taking care of other people until we have ourselves back on track.

Continue reading this American news story: WATCH: Schumer Makes Bizarre Claim about Border Crisis Blame on “The View”

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