Megyn Kelly Says Fani Willis Could Face ‘Perjury’ Charges

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly had some tough news for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The host spoke on her Sirius XM shows and said that she believes the DA perjured herself when she testified about her relationship with fellow prosecutor Nathan Wade and could face “felony” charges.

“We’ve gotten our hands on the texts [between Ashleigh Merchant and Terrence Bradley], the admissions by Nathan Wade’s friend and former lawyer that they did not want you to see…This morning, we’ll dissect the mind-blowing hearing in Fulton County that took place Tuesday afternoon and bring you exclusive information about this case. As I told you yesterday, that hearing could blow up one of the four criminal cases against former President Trump,” Kelly began.

“At the heart of it all: A man named Terrence Bradley. He’s the one-time law partner, divorce attorney, and friend of special prosecutor Nathan Wade. He did not want to be there yesterday. And he made that abundantly clear… As he obfuscated… and did a whole lot of… not recalling things… It was downright uncomfortable. I believe he lied repeatedly. That’s my opinion about his faulty memory,” Kelly added.


“Now if you’re reading CNN today… they’ll tell you, ‘A Georgia lawyer who had been billed as a star witness in the effort to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis did not deliver damaging testimony Tuesday on her romantic relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade.’ Oh CNN…Dumb or dishonest? Take your pick…So sit back and listen as we do the hard work for them and more importantly for you because when you dig into what was said, what wasn’t said, and take a look the evidence, a lot more was revealed than you would’ve caught on CNN. Key to this story are the texts Mr. Bradley and defense Attorney Ashleigh Merchant exchanged over several months…,” the host said.

“Texts that prove Terrance Bradley told attorney Merchant… counsel for the defendant Michael Roman… that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s affair began prior to Willis hiring him to prosecute Trump…. something both Willis and Wade denied under oath. Nathan Wade was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money by Ms. Willis… as he wined and dined her… and took her on lavish vacations around the world. But when Mr. Bradley took the stand… under oath… he seemingly forgot it all!…The man might want to check with the doctor because he’s clearly having some early onset dementia,” she said.

“Suddenly he decided all the information he’d provided to Ashleigh Merchant was just… what’s the word… speculation…As you just heard… Nathan Wade was in that courtroom yesterday… as his one-time friend and law partner testified. Wade had tried to stop it from happening at all, but the Judge ruled the testimony must go forward and Bradley had to testify about the Wade-Willis romance and what Bradley knew about it,” the host said.

“Now I want you to keep all of what you just heard in mind as The Megyn Kelly Show brings you this next bit of information courtesy of our first guest, Phil Holloway…Phil got his hands on some of the actual texts between Ashleigh Merchant and Terrence Bradley and is sharing them with us exclusively. In one exchange about Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s relationship, Ashleigh Merchant says,” she said before reading the texts.

“Like… just date, don’t hire him.”

Merchant: “Do you think it started before she hired him?”

Terrence writes back: “Absolutely. It started when she left the DA’s office and was judge in South Fulton.


…she became a judge in 2019…”

Ashleigh thumbs up on that one.

And Terrence also says: “They met at the Municipal Court CLE conference.”

Ashleigh responds… “That’s what I figured. When he was married.”

“These two lied on the stand and need to be disqualified and potentially disbarred and they will be lucky if they are not brought up on felony charges, which requires a fine and or jail time in Georgia. The Georgia State Senate is going to have its hands full and so is an independent special prosecutor who needs to be brought in to look into these two. We do need a special prosecutor not against Trump, against Willis and wait to figure out whether to previously respected officers of the court took the stand and lied under oath under oath about material facts. That’s what will make it perjury. These are material facts…,” she said.

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