Miss Italy Pageant Holds Ground Against Woke Pressure, Remains “Only Women Since Birth”

In a bold move that upholds tradition and pushes back against the pressures of the woke agenda, Miss Italy, the Italian version of the renowned beauty pageant, Miss America, has declared its commitment to allowing only biological women to compete for the prestigious crown. Patrizia Mirigliani, the visionary behind the event, firmly stated that Miss Italy will not bow to the glittery bandwagon of trans activism, upholding the essence of true womanhood in the competition.

Recent events at the Miss Netherlands pageant, where a biological male took home the crown, sparked fervent debates and cries of transphobia from the woke left. However, Miss Italy remains resolute in its decision, focusing on preserving the sanctity of the competition and celebrating the innate beauty of women who are biologically female.

Mirigliani addressed the matter with clarity, stating, “Lately, beauty contests have been trying to make the news by also using strategies that I think are a bit absurd. Miss Italia, on the other hand, will not compromise its values for the sake of political correctness. Only those who are women, biologically speaking, can participate, and not those who perceive themselves as such.”

Over the years, Miss Italy has adapted to societal changes by embracing candidates with body alterations such as tattoos, piercings, and hair weaves. However, the pageant draws the line at redefining the core foundation of womanhood.

Mirigliani further emphasized, “Since its inception, our competition has upheld the principle that participants must be women from birth. This decision reflects our foresight that beauty might undergo modifications, and we must remain true to our core values. We celebrate individuality and expression, but we won’t compromise on what it means to be a woman.”

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