Bright Smiles And Utter Joy Captured In 30 Pictures On The Day Of Adoption, Shared By This Non-Profit Helping Youth In Foster Care

We will also consider the bigger picture, dive into the nuances of adoption and foster care, looking into the ways we can contribute in helping foster youth when we’re not able to adopt, and seeing where the future could lead. Let’s get into it!

Together We Rise is a non-profit organization aiming to make the foster care experience better for the 430,000 children going through it. They collaborate with individuals, companies, and community partners to bring resources, providing thousands of foster youth new bicycles, educational programs, college scholarships, and sweet cases to give them a fun and convenient way to pack and transport their belongings. They believe that children in foster care deserve dignity, respect, and support.

But what about the rest of us for whom adoption is not an option? Are the kids supposed to continue looking at it as the only option, basing their value and likeability on it? Truly, what is in their best interest? According to Kevin Williams: “The Government’s continued view of adoption as the gold standard in a pre-ordained hierarchy of care, and their assertion that children in care are ‘waiting for a permanent, loving home’ is offensive.” Instead of prioritizing adoption, we need to take into account the needs and circumstances of individual children.
It is unrealistic to believe that each and every child will be adopted, especially as adopters prefer younger children, so our focus should be on ensuring a stable life, which allows for quality education and preparation for adulthood.

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