What is this thing? Circular thing on a post in an antique place

Unveiling the Mystery: Engine Order Telegraph (EOT).

Introduction to the EOT.

An important tool in maritime history.
Functionality of the EOT

Establishing connection between the ship’s bridge and engine room.
Command System of the EOT

“Full Ahead,” “Half Ahead,” and other such commands.
Bell signals and mirror dial operations are used for confirmation.
Design and aesthetic appeal.

Combining functionality and elegance.
Long-lasting brass and hardwood finishes.
Efficient Communication

Orders are issued in a clear and efficient manner using the circular dial.

Discovery and Identification

Found in an antique shop and identified as an EOT.
Symbolism of EOT

Representative of a bygone age of marine communication.
Community Engagement and Learning

Using digital platforms for collaborative historical exploration.
Significance of Historical Artefacts

Enriching our understanding of history and human growth.
Conclusion: Exploring Maritime History

The EOT represents technological ingenuity and human curiosity with the sea.
Exploring historical things enhances our respect for both history and technology.

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