What does it mean when a person who has passed away appears in your dream?

Eventually, we all experience the loss of a loved one – it’s just a natural part of life.

The loss of certain loved ones can have a greater impact on us than we could have imagined. Have you ever experienced the presence of a deceased person in your dreams?

You might be surprised by the significance they hold in your dreams.

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult, and everyone deals with grief in their own way. Some may cry a lot, while others may withdraw and keep to themselves.

Many people try to ignore the topic or act as if nothing happened. However, there is one thing that many people share – dreaming about their deceased loved ones. Our subconscious takes control of our dreams at night, and if you have ever dreamt about someone who has passed away, it could hold significance.

Can dreams be a way for deceased loved ones to communicate with us?

Patrick McNamara, an associate professor of neurology and psychiatry at Boston University School, has identified a specific term for dreams involving deceased individuals – visitation dreams. These dreams signify that the departed person is visiting you in your dream. McNamara describes them as dreams where the bereaved individual sees the deceased appearing alive.

The neuroscientist, who is 67 years old, writes blogs on Psychology Today using the name Dream Catcher. McNamara has been sharing his ideas and discoveries about dreams and their significance for many years. He believes that visitation dreams can usually be explained logically.

They assist you in dealing with your sadness, bereavement, and pain.

In a blog post, he discusses a dream he had after his parents died. He believed it was a visitation dream, leading him to believe in life after death.

McNamara writes about the strong conviction someone with a less skeptical approach to dreams would have if even a skeptical person like them couldn’t shake the belief of communicating with their deceased parents.

Other researchers have also shown interest in these dreams, and numerous studies have delved further into this phenomenon.

The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care conducted a study in 2014, which explored the significance of grief dreams. According to the study, these dreams of the departed are quite common, hold great significance, and aid in the healing process after a loss.

It seems that the dreams encompassed various themes, such as reliving past memories or experiences, envisioning the departed loved ones without any illness, recalling memories of their illness or the time of their passing, picturing them in the afterlife as healthy, content, and at peace, and even receiving messages from the deceased.

I understand that in 2016, a group of Canadian researchers conducted a study on dreams from 76 middle-aged individuals who had experienced loss. The findings showed that a significant percentage of the participants, 67.1%, felt that their dreams of the deceased actually strengthened their belief in an afterlife. Additionally, about 70% described these dreams as “visitations,” while 71% shared that these dreams helped them feel a deeper connection with their lost loved ones.

It’s fascinating to learn that Psychologist Jennifer E. Shorter from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, has conducted research on our brains and dreams.

According to her research titled “Visitation Dreams in Grieving Individuals: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Relationship Between Dreams and the Grieving,” she mentions that the number of individuals who have experienced visitation dreams remains uncertain.

It’s possible for these dreams to occur shortly before or many years after the individual has passed away. Through her studies, she has determined that there are four key factors that define a visitation dream.

1. The individuals in your dream of visiting them look just like they did when they were alive, sometimes even appearing healthier or younger.

2. The deceased frequently mentions their current state, such as expressing that they are at peace.

3. The dream message is received through telepathy rather than through physical presence.

4. The dream is typically calm and structured, almost creating a sense of harmony.

Have you ever had a dream about someone you loved who passed away? How did it make you feel?

Feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to share this article on Facebook if you believe dreams can hold significance!

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