The Hidden Message On This California License Plate Has Gone Viral.

All vehicles on the road have a license plate. The majority of these license plates consist of random letters and numbers, but some individuals choose to pay extra for personalized vanity plates. These special plates can display any message you desire, as long as it fits within the character limits and adheres to state guidelines.

Different states may have slightly different guidelines for vanity license plates. However, some common rules include prohibiting offensive plates and not allowing duplicate plates among residents.

Not everyone finds the same things offensive. Take, for instance, a mother who had been using a personalized license plate for 15 years. Suddenly, someone found it offensive and complained. Luckily, the governor intervened and told the DMV to leave her alone.

Some individuals use creativity to bypass rules by selecting unique combinations of letters and numbers for their license plates. This can make it difficult to decipher their intended message. An instance of this is a license plate shared on imgur that has been labeled as “genius” by some.

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