14 Cat Pairs So Purrfectly Bonded They Refused To Be Adopted Apart

Who doesn’t love a good BOGO (buy one, get one) sale? Well, this might be more like buy two, get two – but if you ask us, we still think it’s a pretty great deal! Twitter user @latkedelrey recently started a thread about going to the animal shelter intending to adopt a cat, only to discover that the cat comes with a best friend or sibling, too. These “bonded pairs” are so attached they have to be adopted together. Rules are rules, right? Like we always say, two are better than one!


Lots of people replied to her tweet with stories and photos of their own “bonded pairs.” It turns out this is a very common occurance!

1. “It can happen in foster homes! With siblings and with kittens that have never met each other before. Let me give you an example! This is Jasper and Yellow! A pair of unrelated boys that bonded with each other and got adopted together.”


2. Who could ever separate these adorable BFFs?

Two cats, one a calico cat and one a gray cat, curled up on a couch

They look like they’re constantly plotting.


3. “There never were such devoted sisters” as these two beauties.

orange and calico sister cats snuggle together

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