8-year-old boy lost to freak accident while playing basketball at home – rest in peace

Nothing is more terrible than a young person passing away. Also, it hurts a lot more when an 8-year-old child passes away.


Eli Hill, a young boy in this tale, was having a typical day at home when his small family’s world was flipped completely upside down.

The day in Corbin, Kentucky, was normal. Eli Hill, a little child, was shooting hoops at home when the unimaginable occurred.

Eli the Small obtained a stool in order for him to dunk the basketball. The child suffered serious injuries to his chest when the backboard fell off the pole as he was about to do it.

Adam and Ashley Hill’s oldest child was named Eli. With his brief existence on earth, he had a profound impact on many people’s lives. Many tributes began to filter in. As many knew Eli Hill you know how much joy one kid can bring into your life but also anywhere he is. For the kid who loved baseball more then anyone on this planet you could quickly see one person who was so special to the sport.”

The entire neighborhood was impacted by his passing. The Whitley County Sheriff Department provided information on the passing and a request for support for the Hill family. They also stated that the family has not created any GoFundMe accounts for Eli Hill, warning the public against any such accounts.

The 8-year-old died as a consequence of severe injuries to his chest caused by a board landing on it, according to the Fayette County Coroner. After his unusual accident, Eli was taken right away to the hospital, but he passed away there soon after.

This is such a heartbreaking loss for the entire community. We ask you to keep the Hill family in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate this tragedy.

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