An angel inquired of the Lord, “Why invest so much time in her?”

The Lord replied, “Have you considered the multitude of qualities I must craft within her?”

“She must function in various situations,” He explained. “Embrace multiple children at once, with a hug capable of mending anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart—all accomplished with just two hands.”

“When unwell, she heals herself and toils for 18 hours a day.”

The Angel was astounded, “With just two hands? That seems impossible!”

“This is the standard model,” the Lord confirmed.

Drawing nearer, the Angel noted, “You’ve made her so gentle, Lord.”

“Yes, she’s gentle,” replied the Lord, “but I’ve also made her resilient. Her endurance and ability to conquer are beyond imagination.”

“Can she think?” the Angel inquired.

The Lord answered, “Not only can she think, but she can also reason and negotiate.”

The Angel touched her cheeks and observed, “Lord, it seems this creation is leaking. You’ve burdened her too much.”

The Lord corrected, “She’s not leaking; those are tears. They express her grief, doubts, love, loneliness, suffering, and pride.”

The Angel marveled, “You’ve thought of everything, Lord. A woman is truly extraordinary.”

The Lord acknowledged, “Indeed, she is. She possesses a strength that astonishes a man. She handles trouble, carries heavy burdens, and contains happiness, love, and opinions. She smiles instead of screaming, sings when she wants to cry, cries when joyful, and laughs when scared. She fights for her beliefs, loves unconditionally, and perseveres when faced with loss.”

The Angel inquired, “So, she’s a perfect being?”

The Lord replied, “Yes, she is.”

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