Paris Hilton Celebrates Son Phoenix’s First Birthday with ‘Sliving Under the Sea’ Party – See the Photos!

Paris Hilton hosted a lavish party to commemorate her baby boy Phoenix’s first birthday. The theme was ‘Sliving Under the Sea,’ and celebrities such Kelly Osbourne and Rumer Willis attended the party at her home.

In party footage, Hilton’s backyard appeared to be an underwater wonderland, complete with fish-shaped balloons and seaweed decorations. There were white coral-shaped seats with starfish cushions, while music from The Little Mermaid played in the background.

Hilton, who turned one on January 16, described the theme, adding, “It’s Phoenix’s first birthday, and we’re doing a ‘Sliving Under the Sea’ theme. I’m really excited. I’ve always had fantastic birthday parties, so being able to arrange this for my little child is such a unique memory.”


She brought Phoenix outside and showed him the decorations, saying, “Look, this is all for you! Yay!” Many celebrities attended, including Kelly Osbourne, Rumer Willis, Lance Bass, Kat Von D, and model Jessica Hart. The gathering featured a petting zoo with lambs, rabbits, baby goats, chickens, and even a unicorn.

Hilton has two children with her husband, Carter Reum: Phoenix and London Marilyn, who is two months old. Both children were born through surrogacy. Hilton celebrated Phoenix’s birthday on Instagram, calling him a “dream come true” and expressing appreciation for being his mother.

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