Human sacrifice in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and occasionally other high court aristocracy would have slaves slaughtered after the pharaohs died so they may continue to serve them in the afterlife. This practise is known as a retainer sacrifice. In ancient Egypt, a type of human sacrifice known as “servant sacrifice” was performed in order for pharaohs and other members of the upper aristocracy to continue serving them in the afterlife. Pharaohs of Egypt held the greatest positions in the political and religious sectors. King sacrifices of their servants were used to demonstrate their strength, and they were revered as gods in human form. Only during the first dynasty was the practise of offering upservants practised before it gradually declined and vanished.

Egyptian Beliefs About Life After Death

The ancient Egyptians, like many other societies, believed in an afterlife; this belief is reflected in large part in what is left of their civilisation, since only temples, tombs, and other religious monuments have remained. The concept of ka is central to Egyptian afterlife beliefs. A person who lived in the hereafter had a source of life, an essence, and a soul called Ka. The Egyptians mummified their deceased because they believed that the ka needed a skeleton to return to.

Egyptians also order “ka” statues, which are sculptures of the deceased that are buried in the tomb with the body and act as a substitute should the body degrade to the point of no longer being identifiable, as a precaution in the event that their bodies do not survive. Since of the king’s crucial role in politics and religion, it is crucial to secure his comfort in life after death. With our traditional trips, you may experience the thrill of ancient Egypt! See the Giza, Luxor, and Karnak pyramids and temples while learning about the intriguing culture and history of this prehistoric society. In addition to telling you tales and anecdotes about Egyptian mythology and religion, our professional tour guides will also explain the importance of the numerous artefacts and ruins you’ll come across. There will also be several occasions for you to take pictures and pose inquiries.
Our day trips are ideal for you if you want a more comprehensive experience. We’ll take you away from the crowds to explore some of Egypt’s lesser-known wonders, such the Valley of the Kings or the Temple of Hatshepsut. In order to give you a sense of what life is actually like in Egypt, we will also expose you to local food and culture. Naturally, a journey to Egypt wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Great Sphinx.

Arguments for sacrificing servants

Human sacrifice in ancient Egypt

The pharaohs’ and the nobles’ perspectives. To “allow affluent nobles and pharaohs to enjoy after their deaths the same way of life that they had while they were living,” according to the goal of the servant sacrifices. The pharaohs demonstrated their dominance over their citizens by using servant sacrifices to bolster the authority of the pharaoh’s position. The pharaohs furthered the notion that the state was worthy of sacrifice by offering servants as victims.


Pharaohs were revered as living gods by their subjects, who thought of Horus as the pharaoh. The pharaoh was reincarnated as the deity Osiris, the ruler of eternity, after his death. Some of the servants’ deaths seem to have been accepted as normal, but other sacrifices have A servant may consent to be sacrificed if they are assured of their eternal pleasure and security. Several various trip packages are available to learn about human sacrifice in ancient Egypt, and there are numerous tour companies providing Egypt excursions. There will undoubtedly be something to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for luxury trips or more affordable alternatives. Yet, whichever tour kind you select, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

sacrifices made by first dynasty servants
According to the stelae placed in the graves, the tombs around the royal tombs frequently contain members of the harem, people who serve in lesser palace roles, court dwarfs, and even dogs. The demographics of the sacrificial servants were diverse, nevertheless. During the First Dynasty, other people also offered their servants as sacrifices besides the pharaohs. The fact that there were many more servants interred beside the king’s tomb than senior court officials suggests the pharaoh was of greater significance.

Techniques for sacrifice
How vassals were sacrificed has been the subject of two separate theories. Even though their teeth were pink, some people think they were strangled to death. Another kind of sacrifice is cyanide poisoning; since no signs of trauma were discovered on the skeletons, the poison was most likely what killed them.

Reasons for the decrease in minion sacrifices
Pharaoh’s slaves were not persuaded to die right away in order to serve a pharaoh in his next life after the First Dynasty. Instead, they thought that they would be able to help the pharaoh after they died.

The development of the Shabti figurines is another factor that may have contributed to the decrease and final abolition of servant sacrifices. A unique kind of funeral statuette known as a shabti was given responsibility for carrying out activities on behalf of the departed. Shabtis were mummy-shaped figurines made to replace servant sacrifices. These practises were believed to carry out a range of functions, including tending to the dead and irrigating canals and farming fields. The Shabtis had a “magical” phrase inscribed on them to ensure that they would complete the job.


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