This house looked like it was about to fall into itself until one family stepped in






Built in 1887, this house was a perilous ruin until Jim and Jean Leaman transformed it. With dedication, they restored its classic architecture. The once-dangerous structure now boasts vibrant stained glass, five wood types in its floors, and a charming attic office. Their restoration journey turned an abandoned relic into a stunning masterpiece.
Dating back to 1887, this house is a treasure trove of period architecture. Intricate moldings, elegant symmetry, and stained glass panels reflect its bygone craftsmanship. The use of five wood types for floors and the attic-turned-office showcase thoughtful design. While the restoration is praiseworthy, the initial neglect of this architectural gem is regrettable.






Following meticulous restoration, the house radiates a renewed charm. The floors, adorned with a blend of five wood types, exude elegance and depth. Stained glass panels infuse the interior with vibrant hues, creating an enchanting atmosphere. This transformation stands as a testament to the owners’ dedication. The house, once on the brink of collapse, now invites admiration for its revived splendor.

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