Mom Surprises Son At School With His Lost Dog

Pet owners know that pets are part of the family. The love humans feel for their pets is the same as the love they feel for their families. So when a pet is lost, it is devastating. A young boy called Carter had to go through this traumatizing experience when he lost his little black pug called Piper. What he didn’t expect was to be reunited with her, and his reaction will have you feeling emotional.

Piper managed to get loose when she was let out in the backyard and ran away from home. The entire family was deeply upset, but Carter was inconsolable. The bond he shared with his pooch was very special, as he was given Piper as a surprise 12th birthday gift, and they were close ever since.

The family tried their very best to find the lost dog. They searched the whole area, posted on social media, knocked on their neighbors’ doors, and created posters, but none of it brought their dog back. Slowly the days became weeks. It was looking very unlikely that they would ever find Piper again.

Until one glorious day when they received a long-awaited phone call from the Genesee County Animal Shelter. They had found Piper!

Carter’s mom, April Licata, shared a note on Facebook:


“I was truly shocked. We had all resigned ourselves to the reality that she probably wouldn’t come back. Lo and behold, it was her! Seeing her little tail wag as she came out from the back of the Genesee County Animal Shelter where she had been so well taken can of, I lost it!!”

Carter and his sister, Natalie, weren’t at home when Piper was found as they were staying with their dad’s family for a few days. April decided she would give Carter the ultimate surprise. She wouldn’t tell her son his dog had been found, but would turn up at his school and let him see her for himself.

As she parked up outside the school, Piper was sitting in the front seat. Carter saw her straight away and after the initial shock had gone, he could not hold back his tears of happiness–he was clearly overwhelmed by seeing his best friend again. It’s a real heartwarming moment, and the love between owner and dog can be witnessed in all its glory.

What do you think about this wonderful reunion? Have you ever been reunited with a beloved pet? Let us know your story below, and share this with anyone who needs a smile on their face.

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