Kim Kardashian gets ‘frisky’ when cleaning and was warned against ‘too much sex’ by docs

Reality star and influencer icon Kim Kardashian has confessed that cleaning gets her worked up and she used to have a 15-a-day sex habit while she was trying to get pregnant

Kim Kardashian has admitted that cleaning gets her in the mood.


During an episode of The Kardashians, Kim said: “People don’t see that I cleaned out the playroom today, that makes me horny to literally cleaning out my f***ing playroom. Like, any mom will get that. If you have a clean playroom, you can sleep at night!”


The 41-year-old was clearly over the moon at her achievement and wore a super tight black catsuit for the confessional clip. She explained to her fans that she is most excited to “show that part of their lives” which is considered less glamorous in their family’s reality show.

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Kimberly is mother to four children, whom she all shares with former husband Kanye West. She has never been afraid of opening up about her sex life with her fans and once explained that a doctor told Kim and Kanye to slow down while trying for another baby after giving birth to her oldest, North West.

The reality TV icon once confessed that she was sleeping with her then-husband up to 15 times a day in a bid to get pregnant once again. She spoke to E! News and admitted that medical professionals told her to calm down with their bedroom bonking.


She told the publication: “The doctors said he thinks I’m having sex too much. He said one time is more powerful…so we’ve tried everything.” At the time, Kim was totally baffled as to why she hadn’t gotten pregnant again and decided to ditch the doctor’s rules.

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