The officer approached the grandfather, who was left in the middle of the road and could not cross the road

In a touching display of compassion, a Chinese police officer recently went above and beyond the call of duty by carrying an elderly man on his back to help him cross a busy road safely.

The heartbreaking incident happened in China, where an officer spotted an elderly man struggling to navigate through busy traffic. Realizing the potential danger, the officer quickly approached the elderly citizen and offered a helping hand.

Police Officer Gives Elderly Man Piggy-Back Ride Across Busy Street - Videos - NowThis

Despite the uniform and dignified demeanor usually associated with law enforcement, the Officer displayed a softer side to public service. Gently lifting the elderly man onto his back, he carefully navigated the busy intersection, ensuring the gentleman’s safety every step of the way.

Passersby and onlookers were moved by the selfless act of kindness, many capturing the moment on their smartphones. The images and videos quickly spread on social media, drawing widespread praise for the officer and shining a positive light on the often difficult role of law enforcement.

Police officer carries elderly man across the street on his back

This inspiring gesture not only highlights the compassion inherent in police work, but also highlights the importance of community-oriented policing. In a society where officers are sometimes viewed with fear, moments like these are a reminder that their primary purpose is to ensure the well-being and safety of all citizens.

The story of an officer carrying an elderly man on his back has become a symbol of compassion and unity, resonating with people from all walks of life. It serves as a reminder that small acts of kindness can bridge gaps, foster understanding and create a sense of community in our society.


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