People wondered about the purpose of these 6 things and got unexpected answers

When in doubt, Google it, or even better, turn to the online community and seek your answer there. Nowadays, the pursuit of knowledge is on the tip of our fingers, and the digital world we live in allows us not only to learn plenty of new things but also to connect to different people whom we share similar interests with.

Six people turned to the Internet users and asked from them to help them determine what the objects they stumbled upon might be. As expected, they got their answers in a blink of an eye.

1. Is it junk or something more?

A person was going through the junk drawer and found something that stole his attention. Describing the object as extremely heavy and with no markings, with a very narrow hole on its top, this person was eager to learn what the object, which he named a “scoopy doodad,”  was and whether it was something useful or just a piece of junk.

According to the online community, the classic Sunbeam Mixmaster came with a juicer attachment, a bowl that could attach to the top of the mixer and this strange object was the spout the juice would pour out of. The wire part holding a small strainer is there to filter out the pulp.

2. An old cabinet find

An unusual object made entirely of glass with narrow holes throughout its length was found by someone in an old cabinet. They wanted to learn more about it, and luckily, the netizens were there to enlighten this person of their find.

This object happened to be a flower frog, used for holding a flower arrangement in a vase. Have you ever seen something like this before?

3. A heavy glass object

Someone asked fellow Redditors to help him identify the heavy glass object he came across. It came with no markings, and bore a very narrow hole on its top. As always, the members of this site had the answer.

Maybe you didn’t see this coming, but this object turned out to be an oil candle.

4. A mystery object found inside a bedroom drawer

One Reddit users was left puzzled after discovering a strange object inside the bed drawer. Its bottom appeared to be made of suede or soft leather, but they had no idea what it could be.

One user, who turned out to know what the object was shared his knowledge and explained that this is a nail buffer. I would have never guessed it myself.

5. What’s hiding underneath the floorboards?

A silver-colored object resembling an antique scissor of sorts gave one Reddit user a hard time figuring out what it could be. According to them, they found the bizarre thing under the floorboards in an 1800’s era home.

No matter how strange it looks nowadays, it turned out that this object was used a lot in the past and was part of many households as it was used to remove the top of soft-boiled eggs.

6. A baffling hotel room find

While at a hotel room, a guest noticed something that caught his attention enough to ask the Reddit users about it. They spotted a vertical slot inside their bedside table and couldn’t help but wonder what it was for.

As always, Redditors were quick to provide this person with an answer, explaining that this slot was used for storing a tablet or a lap top.

Did you know what these items were?

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