Teenager heroically saves infant after his whole family is killed by collapsed power line

Extreme weather in many places around the country has caused havoc. In Portland, an incident has shocked a community where a family was killed due to a live wire.

But a brave young woman saw that she needed to act and ended up saving a life. Keep reading to know more about her story.

18-year-old Majiah Washington was having a normal day at home when she saw a flash of light through her window on Wednesday morning. She opened her blinds to look outside and witnessed a horrific scene: a power line had collapsed on top of her neighbor’s card.

She witnessed the scene as the family began to get out of the car as a small fire grew under it. A man, later identified as the child’s father held the baby and tried to make his way up the driveway. But he slipped, and his leg came in contact with the livewire, which ended up killing him. A woman rushed toward him to help but slipped and touched the livewire as well. She was six months pregnant.

Majiah, who is a high school student who works as a daycare provider as well, said she was on the phone with 911 when she saw a teenage boy approach the couple in order to help them. He also slipped and came in contact with the livewire which killed him. He was later identified by his family as the woman’s brother, Ta’Ron Briggs.


Majiah was on the phone with 911 who advised her to stay cautious. But she was ready to act. She said, “The baby moved his head … and that’s how I knew he was still here,” she said in a press conference.

She got on all fours to help herself get better balance and made her way to the baby. She swaddled the baby up and walked away and waited for firefighters and rescue services to arrive and check out the baby.

Washington swaddled up the baby and walked to safety before firefighters arrived. The baby was taken to a nearby hospital and appears to be healthy.


“I can’t believe it happened,” Washington recalled. “It’s hard to grasp.”

All officials appreciated Majiah’s brave actions, “I just did what any sane person would do.”

The event claimed three lives: two adults and one teenager. They were lying about 35 feet from the SUV. The power line was draped over the car and pinned down by a large tree branch that had collided with the wire.

The rescued baby was 9 months old.


Michael Johnson spoke on behalf of the Briggs family, having known them for 25 years. He said the baby’s mother and her boyfriend were visiting her father’s house to grab a laptop so they could watch shows while the power was out at her home. He said the woman’s father and mother were not home when the event transpired and killed two of their six children.

“It’s been incredibly difficult for them,” Johnson shared.

Portland Fire & Rescue spokesperson Rick Graves had advice for anyone in a similar situation: stay in the car, as the rubber tires will protect you. You should only leave the vehicle if there is imminent danger, otherwise, call and wait for emergency services.

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