Daniel Smith from Texas, was struggling with life. He was a wealthy man, but after an accident, he was going to binded to wheelchair for the rest of his life.

He had worked so hard to achieve his dreams, and he did all of his work alone, since he had lost his parents when he was young. As he was moving forwards in his life, after an accident, he became infertile and lost his ability to walk, since he had an injury on his spinal cord.

As he wanted to have a big family with a loving wife, after his injury, he had lost his faith in that dreamd of his. He was moving around the country, visiting and donating to various orphanages.

As he was at the Bright Horizons Orphanage Home, to make some donation, he had met with a young boy at the caring home. Six-year-old boy had collided with Daniel, who was in a wheelchair.

“Oh no, I’m sorry,” said the little boy, as he was afraid of him.

“Are you sure you don’t want your ball back?” Daniel asked as he was handing the ball to the boy.

“What’s your name, young man? Would you like to be friends with me?” Asked then Daniel, after the young boy was silently looked at him.

“My name is Dan – Daniel,” said little boy.

“Oh, is your name, Daniel? My name is Daniel too!” Said Daniel from his wheelchair.

“Really?” Asked little boy, whose name is daniel too.

“Yes, my name is Daniel Smith. Would you like to play with me?”

“I would love to!” said little Daniel from the orphanage.

“But if I win, you’ll have to give me a chocolate. Deal?” Asked older Daniel.

While they were playing, Adam Turner, the director of the orphanage came and said, “Oh, Mr. Smith. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have let the boy trouble you,”

“Nothing like that, Mr. Turner,” Daniel said.

“This boy is quite adorable, and to be honest, he reminds me of a younger version of myself. When I was younger, I was exactly like him.”

“But, sir, he’s bothering you unnecessarily. I’ll tell him not to…” As Mr. Turner was speaking, little Daniel had said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Turner. I wasn’t troubling him. He asked me if he could play with me.”

“It’s all right, Daniel. You can now go play with your other friends,” said Mr. Smith.

“We’ll finish the game another day, and don’t forget about my chocolate.”

“Okay,” said little Daniel, as he rushed away.

Daniel had felt a connection between himself and little Daniel. And so, he decided to adopt little Daniel, but there was a thing that the director of the orphanage had stated that he had four other siblings.

“Four other kids?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, Mr. Smith. If you want to adopt Daniel, you’ll have to adopt four other children. They’re his siblings,” Adam Turner had replied to Daniel.

“But why do you have such a clause?” Mr. Smith asked.

“Daniel’s parents were very poor, so they left their five children to us. But they’d made us sign a contract saying that whoever adopted their children had to adopt all five of them so that the siblings were never separated. That’s why none of the adoptive families agreed to take them in. I would suggest that you think about it once more.” Explained Mr. Turner.

As Daniel was thinking, he had a feeling at his heart, and said, “All right, Mr. Turner. I’d also like to meet his brothers,” and added, “In fact, I’m willing to adopt all five children.”

“Fine, Mr. Smith. If you’ve made up your mind, let’s meet the other boys. Please follow me.” Said Mr. Turner.

Daniel had a twin, Max, and other three brothers, Harry, 3, Timothy, 4, and Nolan, 5.

As he met with the children, he was certain about his decision to adopt them. On the next day, the procedures had started, and after two months, Daniel had welcomed the children to their new home, as their father.

Timothy had some trust issues towards Daniel in the beginning, but as the time had passed, one day he went into Daniel’s room and said, “Thank you for helping us,”

“Nolan says you are our new daddy and you are very nice. He also told me that I should thank you because you care about all of us.”

Daniel got emotional and replied, “You are all my children, Timothy. I love all of you, so never feel that you’re alone.”

From that day on, they had wonderfully lived together as a new family, where they had helped each other, and showed to Daniel that parenting was easy with such a good boys.

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