Spoiled Teen Mocks Stewardess Not Knowing His Rich Dad Has Been Watching Him – Story of the Day

17-year-old Andrew, accustomed to privilege, mocks a flight attendant. Unbeknownst to him, his father, Steven, witnesses the disrespectful behavior.

“Your parents must be so disappointed in you,” an older passenger remarks.

In-flight, Andrew’s disrespectful antics continue. His father, Steven, confronts him, revealing their connection.

“ANDREW? I’ll teach you good manners first thing when we get home. Now say sorry to her!” Steven demands.

Back home, Steven enforces discipline. Andrew faces a job as a janitor, losing privileges and facing public embarrassment.

“You’re not returning to the boarding school. You’ll attend public school and work for a living during the break.”

Andrew struggles with menial tasks, facing mockery from colleagues and public humiliation.

“Hey you, janitor, come here,” a woman snaps, demanding Andrew clean up her grandson’s vomit.

Experiencing mistreatment, Andrew reflects on his actions. Seeking redemption, he apologizes to the flight attendant he had mocked.

“I AM SORRY FOR MOCKING YOU YESTERDAY! I promise I’ll not be rude to anybody again. Please forgive me, alright?”

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