Isn’t it curious that nearly every psychological article on the internet predominantly features women in its pictures? However, not all psychological aspects revolve solely around women and their fears. In relationships, there are instances where the woman is the strong one while the man grapples with his own concerns. This isn’t to diminish men’s experiences but to provide a broader perspective. Just like women, men have fears, and here are the 15 things that worry them the most.

Body Image

Women are often made conscious of their figures from a young age, but men also have concerns about their bodies. Men make comparisons with well-toned models, visit gyms, wax their chests, and try to maintain a certain appearance, with the stubborn protruding belly being a common fear.


Money is a significant worry for men. As family breadwinners, they are concerned about their financial situation, even if they don’t have a family. While care and love are crucial for women, men often subconsciously focus on providing financially for their partners.


Men worry about their height, especially if they consider themselves short. The societal ideal often associates masculinity with being tall, leading to concerns about meeting this standard.

Seeing Other Men as a Threat

Men can be jealous and see other men in their partner’s life as potential threats. It affects their self-esteem, and even if they don’t show signs of anxiety, internal comparisons are likely happening.

Poor Relationship Experience

Men fear projecting themselves as experienced in relationships. Insecurity and the fear of saying or doing the wrong things can plague them, requiring care, understanding, and compromise in a relationship.

Many men fear going bald and worry about their hairstyles. Hair-related concerns, including body hair, are common, and graying hair is also an issue as it signifies aging.


Men care about their food and, like women, can be conscious of what they eat. More men are paying attention to their looks and bodies, even though they may not talk about it as much.

Relationship with Partners

Men deeply care about their partners and fear messing up a relationship. They may not express it openly, but concerns about saying the wrong thing or making mistakes are common.

Partner’s Past Relationships

Men may feel competition with a partner’s past relationships, impacting their self-esteem and ego. Fear of being less experienced than the woman can affect their sense of manliness.

Expression of Emotions

Men are often scared of expressing emotions openly due to societal expectations. However, expressing emotions is not a sign of weakness.

Fear of Not Being a Man

Men fear feeling inadequate if they can’t perform tasks traditionally associated with being a man. Being unable to fix things around the house may cause a sense of inadequacy.

Scared of Going to a Doctor for Certain Checkups

Some men dislike doctor visits, especially for sensitive areas, contributing to the phenomenon known as white coat syndrome. There may be reluctance to seek professional medical advice.


Men find fulfillment in feeling relevant, whether through work, providing for the family, or being emotionally supportive. Feeling like just a monthly paycheck can deeply wound them.


Men fear disappointing or letting down their partners. Mistakes, forgotten tasks, or saying the wrong things can lead to feelings of irrelevance and rejection.


The fear of rejection is significant for men. When rejected for someone else, it can wound their ego and challenge societal stereotypes. While men can eventually overcome rejection, the initial impact is deep and takes time to heal.

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