A kitty with three paws joined a family with a two-year-old girl named Scarlett, who also has one hand. When they met, it was clear that they had a special connection. It seemed like they could understand each other very well.



Scarlet is a brave girl who has a rare kind of sickness called cancer. She lost her left arm. She really likes cats. Her mom and dad wanted her to have a small kitten to grow up with, and also to have a friend who looks like her. They spent six months searching for a cat with three paws to bring home, and on Christmas Eve, their wish came true.





One evening, the family saw a story on the news about a three-month-old kitten that had just had surgery to remove a paw. They wanted to adopt the kitten, so they called to find out how. At first, they didn’t get all the details they needed, so they decided to go visit the animal shelter where the kitten was living.




Scarlett was really concerned, just like her dad said. She really likes cats. She saw that the cat, named Doc, had braces, just like her. Her dad told her that. Scarlett gently touched the cat’s braces and nodded. That’s when her parents knew that Doc was a good pet for her. They saw that Scarlett knew the cat was going through similar challenges as her.







According to her parents, Doc got used to the new house and turned out to be very active, despite physical limitations. As the girl’s father added, the cat is very soft and loves to lie on her knees.

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