John Travolta Celebrates New Year with Kids Ella and Ben — See the Festive Family Photos

The clip was set to Travolta’s recording of “Come Rain or Come Shine,” and began with his daughter spinning around in a dimly lit room with a Christmas tree and decorations visible in the background.

“Happy New Year!! Thank you for always being there for us! Love John Ella and Ben!” he captioned the upload.

John Travolta with his kids, Benjamin and Ella Bleu

Elsewhere in the video, Ella posed with her dad and her little brother. In the snapshot with Ben, they both smiled as they held their arms up in front of a Christmas tree. A final photo showed the youngest sitting on his father’s lap, cuddled up as they rode on an airplane.
Travolta and his late wife, actress Kelly Preston, shared three children together.

The couple’s oldest son, Jett, was born in April 1992. In January 2009, he died at the age of 16 after a fall at his family’s home in the Bahamas resulted in a seizure. Preston died in 2020 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 57.
Last week, the Saturday Night Fever fever star and his kids hit the slopes for some quality time on Christmas.

John Travolta Reads 'The Night Before Christmas' to His Kids in Sweet Video

“Merry Christmas to everyone, we love you!!” he captioned a group shot of the three of them standing in the snow for a picturesque winter family photo.

The Travoltas also shared a sweet tribute to Preston on what was her and the Hairspray actor’s wedding anniversary in September.
“Our baby girl Ella in celebration of Kelly’s and my wedding anniversary,” Travolta captioned an Instagram video. “I’m so proud of you!! I know Mama would be too!”

The video showed Ella gracefully walking as she modeled a floral midi dress in a clothing boutique. “I love you both so much❤️,” she wrote in her father’s comment section.

US actor John Travolta (L) and his wife US actress Kelly Preston

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