NBA – Kobe Bryant… His wife Vanessa inherited all his wealth, and guess what: “Vanessa Bryant, is she using a black man’s money to…”

NBA – “Vanessa Bryant, is she using a black man’s money to…”

Vanessa Bryant (gauche), la veuve de la légende NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant (droite)

Vanessa Bryant has lived since her husband’s death to keep his legend intact. Unfortunately, she has just been attacked by a controversial figure across the Atlantic, who believes that she should do much more for the African-American community.

Since the death of Kobe Bryant almost 4 years ago, his widow Vanessa has vouched for his memory.

The Mamba is one of the greatest players in NBA history, and thanks to the one who shared his life, his vision of the world persists a little.

For example, she is doing everything to make basketball accessible by inaugurating a few courts in honor of the Lakers legend.

But for some controversial figures, his actions are far from perfect. Indeed, “Doctor” Umar Johnson, an ultra-communitarian lecturer, has just attacked Vanessa in Joe Budden’s very famous podcast.

According to him, she would benefit from the money of a black man, without benefiting the African-American community to whom she owes a lot.

Vanessa Bryant: Emotionales Interview – "Der Schmerz ist unvorstellbar" |

Vanessa Bryant badly attacked

Kobe Bryant… His wife Vanessa inherited all his wealth, and guess what.

Is she using this black man’s money to do even the slightest good deed for the African-American community?

Absolutely not. I assure you. She is a public figure… For example, she has just started an initiative in her name with three mainly white universities.

She’s using Kobe Bryant’s name, she’s using Kobe Bryant’s money, and she hasn’t associated herself with any HBCUs.

Boxer Marvin Hagler died during COVID, is his white widow using his money to do good in the African-American community?

How can people call me unworthy for this review?

Vanessa Bryant says Kobe wanted to use retirement to 'make up for lost time' - Good Morning America

For the famous Umar Johnson, Vanessa Bryant would be obliged to use her late husband’s money to do good in the African-American community, something she would not do according to her information.

A viral position which obviously made Internet users react, who did not hesitate to correct this more than limited attack.


She donated $16 million to the Kobe Bryant Foundation. The fact that you let this man talk about Kobe’s wife like that and have people support him without doing any research is beyond disgusting.

Vanessa Bryant is an almost sacred figure now in the NBA microcosm, and basketball fans did not let this controversial outing about her pass by. She uses her name and her money to do good in all communities.

Vanessa Bryant descobre carta de Kobe e lê em seu aniversário: "Para: o amor da minha vida" | nba | ge

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