When he took my virginity, I realized that he was engaged, but I convinced him to separate from her and now he tells me “I’m a man, I can cheat on you whenever I want”!

When he took my vi rgi nity, I realized that he was engaged, but I convinced him to separate from her and now he tells me “I’m not a man, I can cheat on you whenever I want”! – Hello, I am a 22-year-old girl, I wanted to share my story with you and know what to do, at the age of 20 I met a boy, I had not allowed anyone in my life to take my virginity, but unfortunately it happened to me this horror with big promises from the boy, I was deceived like any girl, the relationship lasted for 1 year and a few months, but one evening I discovered that the boy is engaged, that he has been in a relationship with a girl for almost 8 years, to be honest, I don’t even know how did I survive that day that was a news bomb for me.

Anyway, we broke up, I continued with this girl for 1 month and then she returned to me again and I convinced her not to get back with her and she was telling me that she loves me but I believed her because cheating is something that cannot be forgiven, then she convinced me again I continued, he assures me that I won’t do anything more with that girl, I believed, I continued, it’s been almost 2 months and when I discovered this again with him, oh God, I died for the 2nd time, I didn’t cheat on him, he was there in my heart, and I decided to separate and I was saying to myself that God has written this, but he would not leave me alone, he kept insisting that I will not write to that girl.

No, I didn’t accept for the moment, I continued with my life and he kept telling me that it had nothing to do with what I did, I loved him and he had taken my virginity, what did he do again, he took my mind, ok, we continued, one night he opened FB and the one who didn’t I don’t even know how to open my mind because he didn’t give me psw and fbs only for Instagram, and that’s why he talked to that girl again and with 3 other girls when it came to discussing, he used abuse towards me. he used abuse every time he was guilty and said, “I’m not a man, I’ll cheat on you as often as you want. I’ll tell you what my heart wants. I hardly ever see you. I’ll never see you again. Stay with me, stay with me, go, look for someone.

He destroys my life and I constantly forgave him 4 days ago when we were writing, he sent me a photo of a girl, he had sent it by mistake but he pretended to be asking me who she is, but I understood where the problem is, dear people like tell this story, he betrays me as often as I want while I continue to believe him and believe him because he swears so much that I don’t know what to say, please advise me what to do with this problem and with my life, thank you very much!

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