Every time a mom or dad spends time with their child, from when they are tiny babies to when they grow up, it’s special. These moments create a strong connection between them, making the child feel safe and trusted as they get older.

When both mom and dad are actively involved in parenting, it becomes even more fun. Recently, a new mom shared a TikTok video where she’s really happy about her husband helping out a lot. In the video, he’s using a special tool to feed their newborn baby, Zoe.

A couple named Zion Lamm and Kevin, who are both doctors, got married seven years ago. They became parents to a baby named Zoe on May 6, 2023. Zion, who is also known for sharing skincare tips on social media, has been telling her 718,000 followers about her experiences after giving birth and recovering from a C-section.

Even though she’s been facing some challenges, Zion is grateful for the support of her caring husband. On August 10, she posted a sweet video showing her husband sitting on the bed, lovingly holding their daughter.

Something really special happened on the internet that got a lot of attention. Zion shared a cute video, calling it “teamwork babyyyy,” and it became super popular. The video, set to a famous TikTok sound called “Thank you to my man,” got 2.3 million likes. People from all around the world commented on how sweet the father and baby looked.

One person said, “This is so attractive. You got a good one girl!!! Such a good daddy.” Another person shared, “Beautiful, keep building those bonds.” And a third person exclaimed, “Wow…that is too cute.” People really loved the video!

People were really interested in a picture of a good-looking dad holding his baby. But what caught everyone’s attention was the green thing hanging over his shoulder. He used it to feed their baby.

The dad was holding baby Zoe and giving her a bottle with this special device. It’s called the Beebo, and it’s like a hands-free holder for baby bottles.

Some people were curious about the device. One person said, “My husband joked about figuring out a way to do this for our babies, and when I showed him this, he made me buy one for kids we don’t have yet.” Another person wondered, “Who invented this? Because that is genius!!!” People thought it was a really smart idea!

Meanwhile, there were some netizens who couldn’t see the sweetness beyond the father’s choice of clothing. One user expressed her displeasure and said, “Why is he wearing scrubs on the bed?” while another added “I have this weird thing about outside clothes being in my bed. Can’t imagine being in bed with scrubs lol.”

However, some others jumped in and defended the loving father. “People focusing on the scrubs but I see a dad bonding with his child,” says one. Another reminds the online community that he is a doctor and wouldn’t put his child at risk: “This could be his clean scrubs prior to work. He’s a doc and fully aware, I’m sure. He’s helping and bonding. That’s an A to me.”

There is nothing quite as precious as the bond a father shares with his daughter and we love that Kevin Lamm is starting this connection so early! Dads just don’t get the credit they deserve and we’re happy that Zion posted this clip so we can all see how wonderful this one is!

First, let us know what you think about this story and then share it so we can hear what others have to say about this doting dad!

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