Officer braves heavy snow to rescue dog lost in snowstorm

It’s always inspiring to see people go the extra mile to help a pet in need. That was the case recently, after one officer braved a heavy snowstorm to rescue a distressed dog.

According to a Facebook post from the Ogden Police Department, in Utah, Animal Service Officer A. Dickman received a call about a dog that “sounded as though it was in distress.”

The dog had reportedly gotten loose and run away from home, and was now stranded outside during heavy snowfall.

But ASO Dickman went the extra mile to bring the dog to safety. According to the department, she hiked the Bonneville Shortline Trail through the heavy snow, and was thankfully able to find the dog.

The dog was reportedly “distraught” after the ordeal, but Dickman scanned the dog and was able to reunite it with its owners, who were “extremely grateful.”

The officer was praised by the department for going above and beyond to help this poor dog get home safe and sound.

“Thank you, ASO Dickman, for your dedication to our Ogden Community!” the Ogden Police Department wrote.

Thank you to this animal service officer for braving the heavy snow and rescuing this poor dog! So glad it is safe, warm and back with its family now!

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