A farmer found a huge egg under a chicken – when he saw what came out of it, he couldn’t believe his eyes

Nature always makes us surprised. The evidence is that recently a giant egg has caused the entire internet. Even some experts in the field scratch to their heads in amazement.

When you see this egg – and its contents, you will also understand why.

Scott Stockman runs “Stockman Eggs”, a family business that supplies fresh eggs throughout Australia.

Some years ago, he posted a picture of an amazing discovery he and his employees made at the chicken farm.

There, along with the other eggs, was a huge egg. And it stood out above them all, to say the least.

The egg weighed 176 grams, which is 3 times more than a normal egg.

And when they cracked the egg, there was another surprise

What was hidden there?

Inside the egg is another, smaller egg – a biological phenomenon called counter-peristalsis contraction. It occurs when an egg that is not yet ready to be laid makes its way back into the hen’s reproductive system, and a new egg forms around it. But it is extremely rare that two whole eggs are laid like this.

The unexpected discovery quickly gone viral on the internet, and many experts had to look at the photos several times to confirm that they were real.

“Biologically, I have a hard time understanding why the little egg didn’t come out, it’s very strange”, said Professor Raf Freire.

Scott Stockman, who made the discovery, was also amazed.

“It’s just amazing – that there are two perfect eggs that form together”, he said.

But they didn’t eat the egg – instead the egg became a hit on the internet that amazed everyone who saw it.

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