The old hotel that never was a hotel

Introduction: The Cushing Hotel, located in the center of Afton, Minnesota, is a reminder of the town’s colorful and rich past. Since its founding in 1867, this historic jewel has served numerous towns and played a crucial role in the growth of Afton.

Historical Roots and Versatility: The Cushing Hotel’s history dates back to its founding, when it was built to serve railroad workers’ requirements before modifying to accommodate lumberjacks and tourists. Due to its adaptable function within the community, it has endured as a testament of Afton’s development and advancement.

Acknowledged National Significance: The Cushing Hotel was duly acknowledged when it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. This recognition emphasizes its national significance, especially when it comes to the topic of business.



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The Cushing Hotel’s 1985 induction into the prestigious National Register of Historic Places is evidence of its enormous influence on the local story, especially in the field of business. Located in the center of Afton, Minnesota, this architectural wonder has a rich history that melds perfectly with the town’s economic development.

A Reliability for Economic Periods:
The Cushing Hotel, which was once a vital hub for railroad workers in the height of industrial expansion and then a haven for lumbermen during Afton’s timber boom, is a symbol of the town’s diverse economic landscape. Stories of laborers, explorers, and pioneers who shaped Afton’s economic past reverberate through its walls.

Architectural Time Capsule: The Cushing Hotel, which features buildings from the Victorian era,

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The continuous preservation of the Cushing Hotel is a testament to the commitment of the local community and history buffs. These initiatives, which carefully mix modern comfort with authenticity, demonstrate a strong dedication to preserving Afton’s unique history.

Maintaining Authenticity: The Cushing Hotel’s preservation efforts extend beyond upholding its physical layout and include a concerted effort to preserve the authenticity that enables it to function as a living reminder of Afton’s past. The great attention to detail in maintaining historical and architectural characteristics is indicative of a significant dedication to maintaining the hotel’s authentic character.

Harmony of the Past and Present: The Cushing Hotel’s historical charm must be preserved while incorporating contemporary amenities with ease. This careful balance is evidence of the community’s

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