Daring Model With 65% Body Tattooed Faces Jail Assumptions

A daring model with 65% body tattooed confronts judgments & jail assumptions. Discover her inspiring journey now!


Daring model, Heidi Lavon, hailing from Oregon, proudly reveals 65% of her body is adorned with tattoos.

Despite a thriving career as an influencer and model for over a decade, she encounters unjust scrutiny from those assuming a criminal connection to her ink.

Her body art symbolizes self-expression and empowerment, shattering stereotypes and inspiring others to embrace authenticity.

Heidi’s skin is a canvas of meaningful art, where each tattoo weaves a tale.

From nature-inspired floral motifs to intricate geometric designs, her body tells the story of her experiences, passions, and dreams like chapters in a captivating book.

She told Fabulous: “I’ve had every comment in the book. ‘Does that hurt?’ ‘Why?’ and ‘How long we’re you in?’ implying prison or jail time.

It doesn’t bother me. Some people are just living in a box and it’s their responsibility to figure out how to live outside of it.”

Heidi’s captivating life story gains another dimension as she’s engaged to James Marshall Ramsey, a tattooed model and military veteran who lost his leg upon returning from the Army.

Together, they defy societal norms, embracing their individuality with unwavering strength.

Heidi Lavon, engaged to James Marshall Ramsey, embraces the “cool aunt” role to his child from a prior relationship, cherishing childhood memories with tattoos. No plans for her children.

Heidi received her inaugural tattoo as a birthday gift at 18. Since then, she has adorned her body with ink, each design a homage to treasured memories and experiences, from beloved books to memorable movies.

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