Pornhub’s annual review exposes the most searched categories of 2023

The Canadian-owned porn site has shared its annual review.

It’s that time of year again, when the largest pornography website in the world releases its stats on what everyone has been searching for.


And before you read on, some of it is a bit NSFW so consider yourself warned.

Canadian-owned porn site Pornhub released its data on the most searched categories and performers and shed light on some growing trends in porn this past year.

One main takeaway is that it appears size really does matter as the terms “big”, “bigger” and “biggest” grew by an impressive +177% this year.


Data from Pornhub has revealed that the top 20 countries for daily traffic made up 78.5% of the website’s viewership.


Another defining trend of 2023 was searches related to the MILFs and DILFs of the world, with searches for the term “mature” growing by +77%.


This year was perhaps the year AI became mainstream and this growing trend is reflected in the world’s porn consumption, with one of the growing trends on Pornhub being sex machines.

The search for “android” grew by a whopping +1689%, including terms like “android cosplay” and “android roleplay”, while searches for “robot” and “machine” also grew.


Dr. Laurie Betito told Pornhub: “Search trends over the years always coincide with what’s trending in technology. Right now, we are seeing a lot about the development of ‘sex robots,’ so who wouldn’t be curious about that?”.

The ever popular search term of uniforms grew by +243% while perhaps more unexpectedly, terms related to sexual healing, such as “therapy”, grew by +344%.


The porn site provided a breakdown of the top search terms by US states compared to other states, with Minnesota having a proclivity for tickling, Washington for sensual sex and Oregon searching for nudist.



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