When The Pilot Realized Why The Birds Were Flying Next to The Plane, He Began To Cry

That was strange

It started with one single bird that was flying around the plane. The plane was not doing high speeds so it was able to keep up and fly around the plane. Jason and Jimmy had seen the birds swoop over the cockpit a few times and thought that it was very odd to see that happen.

Birds were not usually around planes and avoided them like the plague. The loud noise from the engine and just the size of the aircraft would usually scare them away, but not this time. What on earth was this single bird doing? Well, it was about to become obvious that it wasn’t alone.

All of a sudden

Out of nowhere, one bird then turned into two birds and three birds, and so on. Jason and Jimmy had just thought that they had flown into a flock of birds that were now chasing the plane for some reason. They didn’t think anything of it at first, but the birds would capture their attention.

The birds kept coming and growing in numbers, what on earth was going on here? Birds never behave like this, something must be really wrong. Jason and Jimmy checked all the plane’s instruments to make sure that they didn’t miss anything, but everything seemed to be fine and up to code, so what was it?


Now things were getting really scary, out of nowhere dozens upon dozens of birds began to appear around the plane. In fact, there were now so many birds that they could barely see any of the sky around them. The birds were flying around the plane and attacking it with their beaks and claws.

Of course, that wouldn’t be enough to take down an entire aircraft, but it was terrifying to see. These birds had apparently lost their minds and were now swarming the entire plane. What was making them behave in this way? How were they going to land if this kept going on?

Not giving up

Jason and Jimmy tried to shake off the birds by swerving the plane around a little bit, but it did nothing. The birds would get out of the way and then just fly right back and keep attacking the plane. Something really wrong was going on here, this must be the first time birds had done this.

The birds were not going away and it became clear that there was nothing that Jason could do to get them to move away from the plane. He could barely see and the passengers in the back were starting to complain to the other staff. They were worried about the number of birds of course.

Diving down

The city was now approaching quickly and Jason was going to have to dive down in order to get the birds to fly away from the plane. The wind would surely push them off the plane and back into the open air. At least, that’s what the plan was, but when Jason dived down, it didn’t work.

Sure, the plane lost some altitude and some birds were pushed to the side, but they were still holding on and attacking the plane at the same time. Whatever it was that they wanted, they were not going to stop until they took this plane down one way or another in the end.

Dangerous level

The plane was now very low and flying at a dangerous altitude. They were right over the city and it looked like you could practically reach out and touch one of the skyscrapers. Jason and Jimmy were both very tense, usually they would be laughing during flights, but this was serious.

They knew that they should not be flying this low and that they needed to call the nearest air traffic control tower to tell them what was going on. It would be the only way that they could get instructions on what to do next. After all, they were both out of ideas.

Calling for help

While Jason was trying to keep the plane steady, Jimmy called for help and to see if anyone could hear him on the other line. Immediately he got a reply from an air traffic control tower that wanted to know why they were flying so low. When they explained the situation, the other side was stunned.

They told them that they needed to turn their plane around as soon as possible and make an emergency landing on a smaller airstrip. They were not going to be landing at an airport after all, it was just too risky with their poor visual state. They agreed and hung up the radio.

To the countryside

Jason swung the plane around and out of the city towards the countryside. They had cleared a path for him to land his plane somewhere down on a small airstrip that was in the middle of the country. He had never done anything like this before, and he was getting nervous.

He told Jimmy that he didn’t know if he was going to be able to land this plane properly. Jimmy told him that he was a great pilot and that he could do anything, he just needed to believe in himself. Jason thanked him for the motivational talk and was determined to land this plane safely.

Almost there

They could see that they were almost at the other airstrip. It was not easy keeping the plane flying straight, the birds were just everywhere and making a total mess. Dozens of them were getting whacked by the plane as it flew by, but they just kept coming. It was like there were an infinite number of them.

By this point in time, they had grown in numbers and were totally covering all of the windows. You could barely see anything, which was why landing was just going to be so hard for Jason and Jimmy. They needed to constantly peek through some cracks in the flock to see where they were going.

Engine loss

That’s when the worst thing that could have happened, happened. As they were approaching the airstrip, they heard a loud explosion. As it turned out, they had lost an engine after a bird or multiple birds flew right into it. Now they were really in trouble, one engine was gone from the plane.

Jason was going to have to make a landing right away. He knew that he wasn’t going to make it to the airstrip with just one engine going. He needed to find a place to make an emergency landing, but where was that going to be? All he could see was land all around him.

Emergency landing

Jason was desperately looking for a place to land the plane safely. He could hear people in the back of the plane screaming and praying for their lives. He knew that he wasn’t going to let them down, he was going to land this plane safely no matter what would happen.

Finally, he saw an opportunity. In the distance there was a small lake, it was just the right size to attempt to land this plane. He had no time to lose, it was now or never, this plane was not going to remain in the sky for very much longer after all.

In one piece

Jason made the emergency landing and buckled up. He told everyone to take their seats and that everything was going to be okay. They were going to now attempt to land the plane in a body of water. Passengers were terrified, but they could do nothing about it, they needed to trust him.

The birds were still all over the place but Jason remained calm and just focused on landing the plane. He was making a line straight for the lake and at last, the plane made contact with the water. He successfully landed it on the surface of the lake. It was a wild moment for everyone.

Now what?

Now the plane had finally come back down to earth and was sitting in the middle of this lake, there was another issue. The birds were still all over the place and were not going away any time soon. They wanted something desperately inside the plane and were determined to get it.

Jason knew that this plane was designed to float, but not forever. They were going to have to get off the plane and into the small lifeboats that they had attached to the sides. Help was on the way, they knew exactly where they were, so they just had to hold on for that.

Getting out

Jason went to the back of the plane, everyone on board seemed to be alright and congratulated him on a successful emergency landing. But he knew that the drama was not going to be over that easily. People could still see the birds. They knew that they needed to go outside.

Jason went to one of the doors of the plane and prepared to open it. He told everyone that he was going to open the hatch and that they needed to jump out and get as far away from the plane as possible. There was no telling what the birds were going to do.

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