The world is not without kind people! The heartbreaking life story of this pensioner made bloggers do heroic acts

After living in a barrel for 35 years, the pensioner gets her first house and burst into tears of joy!

Bloggers buy a house for the grandmother and change her life!

See in what conditions she had to live in this article!

About this poor pensioner, people got to know after news and reality shows. When they knew about her poor and unbearable living conditions, no one could stay indifferent and not to offer their helping hand to this grandmother.

People’s hearts broke when they learnt that the granny was living in an iron barrel. Initially, there was no electricity and heating there, but then the granny fixed the problems yet having to give almost all her pension.

Towards such a heartbreaking story a group of bloggers couldn’t remain indifferent. They gathered together and decided to radically change the granny’s miserable life. Due to their projects and commercials, they gathered a big sum of money.

The followers, in their turn, rushed to offer their help too and soon the collected money was already enough. Just imagine the woman’s great surprise when she learnt she would no more live in a barrel.

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