Two decades on, identical twins with different skin tones

Twins typically have extremely similar looks. However, we want to tell you about two girls who, while being identical twins, looked quite different when they were born, which goes against what is typically expected.


Something extraordinary occurred in Great Britain in 1997.

Vinson and Donna, their devoted parents, welcomed two twins into the world in a hospital. Lucy and Mary were the girls’ names. However, because the kids’ skin tones were different, their mother found it hard to believe they were twins when she first saw them.

Lucy had blonde hair and blue eyes from birth. Mary, however, had stunning brown eyes and dark skin. The fact that the twins’ appearances were so dissimilar from one another made them extremely unique. It’s rather uncommon!

Here’s one instance: Lucy, whose complexion is fair, like wearing makeup that is dark in hue. Mary, on the other hand, likes to wear lighter, more natural tones because of her dark skin. Their preferences for makeup and clothing are diverse.

The girls are very different from one another, but they have curly hair in common. However, Lucy frequently tries to straighten her hair since she dislikes the way it is curly.

Mary is not like her sister at all. She has a large social circle, loves the limelight, and is an excellent communicator. Lucy, on the other hand, is a little more reserved and enjoys her alone time.

Whatever the case, the girls acknowledged that they are the closest persons to one another and that they are unable to even envisage their life without the other being their twin.

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