«Is it really murder?💔The actor’s death is being investigated by a special police unit. How did Matthew Perry die?» 😮

Fans of 54-year-old Matthew Perry, who died on November 28, are in shock.

It has become known that the actor seems to have died in a completely different way than previously thought. And in light of the newly discovered fact, the whole story looks very suspicious. TMZ reported a new twist in the story of the actor’s death.

According to initial reports, everything looked tragic but very clear. Perry was believed to have drowned in a hot tub at his Pacific Palisades mansion. He was found by his assistant, who later explained that Matthew had sent him on an errand, which he had completed, and found the actor in the water without signs of life. He allegedly immediately called an ambulance, and he tried to bring Perry back to life.

However, a police source has now revealed that an autopsy revealed that Perry’s body had been removed from the water long before doctors arrived. And they, by the way, arrived on site within minutes of the call. That is, it is quite obvious that Perry’s assistant lied.

And since he is the only witness in this case, it is now doubtful whether his testimony can be trusted at all. Which begs the question: How did Perry die? And was Matthew alone at that moment, as the actor’s assistant claimed—whose words, by the way, no one could confirm?

Perry’s fans were alarmed by another fact. It was officially announced that the death of the actor was being investigated by a special police unit, the Robbery and Homicide Division. Hot on the trail, the law enforcement officers did not seem to suspect that any crime had taken place, but clarified: “at this stage of the investigation.” In other words, there is a possibility that the version of events may subsequently change. Meanwhile, as it became known after the actor’s death, Matthew, at the time of his death, owned an impressive fortune of $120 million. And who will get it, which has not yet been disclosed? So today, only the deceased’s lawyers and investigators know who, at least financially, benefited from Perry’s death.

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