Tesla’s ‘creepy’ humanoid robot Optimus can now squat and poach an egg

Tesla's 'creepy' humanoid robot Optimus can now squat and poach an egg

Tesla’s ‘creepy’ humanoid robot Optimus can now squat and poach an egg

Rebekah Jordan

Rebekah Jordan

Elon Musk shared a video of Tesla’s new Optimus – Gen 2 bot highlighting its quick advances in performing certain tasks.

The new Tesla bot has some new moves!

Following the recent showcase of the Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck, the tech team is now urgently progressing into humanoid robots.

By March this year, the company first introduced its Optimus robot and was showing its impressive performance of certain actions.

Now, last Wednesday, Elon Musk shared a progression video of the creepy-looking robot, named Optimus – Gen 2 and has said that is it walks 30% faster than the previous model.

The video showed in-house footage of the bot completing various actions such as squatting and even dancing. Impressively, Optimus can delicately handle eggs to the point of – not frying or boiling but – poaching them.

Optimus - Gen 2 is the 'new and improved' faceless, humanoid robot from Tesla / Tesla Optimus / X

Optimus – Gen 2 is the ‘new and improved’ faceless, humanoid robot from Tesla / Tesla Optimus / X

The video draws comparisons and advancements from the first introduction of Bumblebee last year.

Weighing 22 pounds lighter than the previous model, the next generational humanoid robot has new hands, feet and a shiny white exterior. As well as

tactile sensors on its fingers to allow more freedom and full interaction with robots. As fancy as it looks, the robot is still faceless and gives off a creepy vibe.

Musk previously announced that he expects Optimus to eventually pick up and transport objects as heavy as 20 kg.

Only two months ago did the Tesla’s CEO announce that Optimus is capable of doing yoga stretches.

On Optimus’ official X account – yes, he has one of those too – the bio describes its capability of ‘performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive, or boring.’ Though, it’s clear that Musk is using social media to showcase the cool advances rather than the mundane chores.

But, to stand out to marketers, the key isn’t in the fancy moves. Instead, the selling factor is demonstrating that the robots can do ‘real work in the real world’ in a ‘repeatable and reliable manner.’

Optimus is capable of handling delicate objects with care like an egg / Tesla Optimus / X

Optimus is capable of handling delicate objects with care like an egg / Tesla Optimus / X

During a 2022 Tesla AI Day event, Musk expressed his notion that Optimus will one day ‘help millions of people’ through labour efforts to create a future of ‘abundance’ and ‘zero poverty’.

Furthermore, Musk may need to quicken his pace of progression as he has close competition. Agility Robotics – a humanoid robot competitor – are already trialling their robots in warehouses.

At Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting this year, Musk announced that he expects the majority of the company’s ‘long term value’ to come from Optimus.

As such, Tesla has been hiring numerous designers to help achieve Musk’s ambition of selling humanoid robots by 2027.

If that sounds a little too soon, you might be right!

Musk’s biographer Walker Isaacson pointed out that Musk is ‘always wrong’ about the timeline of achieving his goals, including the speed of the new Cybertruck and ‘how fast we will get to Mars‘.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla Optimus / X

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