Biden Draws Criticism For Beach Time During Multiple Crises Around World

President Joe Biden spent another weekend away from the White House at one of his homes in Delaware over the weekend, even as several hotspots worldwide heated up again, including the war in Gaza and U.S. forces coming under attack in the Middle East.

A video clip posted online showed Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden walking along the shoreline near their Rehoboth Beach home, drawing criticism.


“We’re on the brink of World War III, and this is how Joe Biden is spending the weekend,” conservative podcaster Benny Johnson noted in an X post featuring the clip.

“Disgusting. Biden should be at the White House making and taking conference calls right now, not prancing (wobbling, really) on some beach,” another X user wrote.

“We need new leadership! The country is in trouble, and he is taking a stroll on the beach! Unbelievable!” said another.

“Why shouldn’t he? He’s not in charge of anything anyway,” another quipped.

Earlier in the week, Biden made a hasty trip to Israel and held talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That visit came as Israel prepared a ground invasion into Gaza following a surprise attack by Hamas fighters earlier this month that killed more than 1,400 Jewish state residents, most of them civilian men, women, and children. More than 200 others were kidnapped.



Also last week, “a pair of US military bases in Syria were attacked by drones…raising concerns that Iran-backed proxies are using the Israel-Hamas war to strike at American forces,” the New York Post reported.


“In one attack, drones struck the al-Tanf garrison located near Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan on Thursday,” the outlet added. “One was destroyed by US forces but another caused minor injuries, two US officials speaking on condition of anonymity told the Associated Press. The al-Tanf base is located in an area frequently used by Iran-backed militants to shuttle weapons to Hezbollah.”

“A second drone attack targeted the Conoco gas field in the Deir al-Zor region in eastern Syria that houses American troops, according to Syrian opposition activists,” The Post noted further.

Israel also took fire from Hezbollah militants located in Lebanon, earning a stern warning from Netanyahu against entering the war on the side of Hamas. Both entities are considered terrorist groups by the U.S. government and both are supported financially and materially by Iran.

Meanwhile, Biden has security problems domestically as well that he refuses to address. According to Customs and Border Patrol officials, the agency revealed a historic number of illegal crossings last week, with a growing list of people on the U.S. terrorist watchlist being apprehended as well.


There were a record 2.4 million apprehensions at the US border in the 2023 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, the Post Millennial reported, adding:

Apprehensions of people who are on the terrorist watch list are nearly double last year’s record total. According to the CBP data, 172 non-citizens who were on the terrorist watchlist were apprehended at the border, which was an increase from 2022’s record year of 98. Before 2021 the highest number was six in 2018, and it has skyrocketed since the Biden administration took over. 

Total encounters for enforcement officials was 434,562 higher than in 2022 at a total of 3,201,144. Since 2020 that number has continued to increase with 646,822 total encounters in 2020, 1,05651 a year later, and 1,244,625 higher two years later. 

The data caught the eye of Donald Trump Jr., who commented on the astronomical figures on the X platform.

“Of course, Customs and Border Patrol waits until Saturday morning to release the new disastrous border numbers so that no one is paying attention,” he began.

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