87-year-old woman spent months knitting 75 hats to keep children warm during winter

When we hear the word ‘hero,’ the image we immediately think of is a muscular or physically fit human who is at the prime of his age.

And when we are talking about heroism, the first thing that enters our mind are mostly about people rescuing others from a burning building or a catastrophe.

But that’s the beautiful thing about heroism, it does not rely on man alone but rather in the occasion. Anyone can be a hero as long as one is decided to answer to the call of the situation before him.

Believe it or not, even the 87-year-old anonymous woman in Massachusetts is a hero in her own right despite of her old age. Her skin may be wrinkled, her bones may not be as strong as it used to be, yet it did not deter her from doing her best to help others.

The woman who wanted to remain anonymous was thoughtful of the kids who are braving the cold weather brought by the chilling Winter season. With their welfare in her mind, the 87-year-old woman did what she could to help them- knit.

In her desire to keep the children in her community warm, the anonymous old lady knitted a total of 75 hats. Each of the hat she made took her a day to complete. Which she started knitting even before the cold weather of the Winter season hit the air.

For some, it might be tedious but for the old lady, knitting every day is truly worth the time and effort after considering the children who will benefit from it.

After accomplishing the 75 hats, the anonymous old woman’s daughter gathered them and stored them in plastic bags.

Later on, she took it to Nelson Memorial Park in Plymouth, Mass and hung it around the fence of the local park for the children to take and keep themselves warm with.

The selfless and heroic act of the anonymous woman became viral and made noise online. After all, it is not everyday that a woman would knit 75 hats and leave them at a park for anyone to use.

The heartwarming story was picked up by various news outlet. It touched the heart of people and put a smile on their faces.

Here’s the complete post in the Twitter account of Litsa Pappas, a reporter of Boston25news, sharing the inspiring heroic deed of the anonymous old lady.

“I like doing them. I think it’s fun.” The anonymous old lady explained why she’s fond of knitting hats for those in need.

Even though a lot of people are eager to know the identity of the old lady behind the 75 knitted hats, the compassionate lady would rather keep her privacy.

“I just like to stay in the background.” The old woman shared in an interview. “It makes me feel good that I can do something for someone.”

The children are not the only ones who benefited from the free hat the old woman knitted, Apparently, she donates them as well to home shelters.

The old woman may not have been able to retain her strong bones, nor her youthful strength. But her pure and kind heart remained the same. And that makes her an inspiring reminder that everyone always has something to offer to do for people who are in need of help!

Watch the truly inspiring video at Boston News and learn more about the anonymous woman, who dedicated her time and effort in keeping the children warm by knitting 75 hats for them!

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