J.Lo’s Secret to Enduring Her Las Vegas Residency: Being a Superwoman in the Best Shape of Her Life

Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, has only three more shows left to perform before her All I Have Las Vegas residency comes to an end. The singer recently took to Instagram to express her amazement at performing 12 out of 15 shows in just 27 days and referred to herself as “Superwoman.” After her Zappos Theater concert, the 49-year-old artist shared a sultry photo of herself flexing her muscles and attributed her endurance to being in the “best shape of her life.”


Working it: Jennifer Lopez called herself Superwoman as she took to Instagram on Tuesday night after performing a staggering 15 shows in just 27 days

Jennifer Lopez proudly referred to herself as Superwoman on Instagram on Tuesday night, having completed a remarkable 15 shows in only 27 days. In the accompanying photo, JLo looked stunning in a red bodycon dress, showcasing her toned arms and muscular back as she flexed her biceps. With her signature JLo glow and bronzed tan accentuated by a smoky black eye and plenty of highlighter, she styled her brown locks in a messy up-do. Despite acknowledging that the busy schedule was daunting at first, the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer was determined to emerge from the experience even stronger than before. She made a personal commitment to work out and be in the best shape of her life, rather than allowing the demanding tour to wear her down.


Proud: The singer, 49, posted a sultry snap flexing her muscles after her concert and credited being in the 'best shape of her life' for helping her get through the mammoth task

Beaming with pride, the 49-year-old vocalist shared a captivating photo of herself showcasing her toned muscles after her performance. She attributed her ability to successfully complete the tremendous task to being in the ‘best physical condition’ she has ever been in.

At times, I had to squeeze in my workout routine amidst travel and exhaustion, but now we only have three shows left to go! I am overwhelmed with emotions, but what I feel the most is strength, happiness, and gratitude. It’s not over yet, let’s go, and remember to make promises to yourself and keep them! Jennifer maintains her fitness with a rigorous exercise regimen and can often be seen heading to the gym with her partner, Alex Rodriguez. In an interview with Hello magazine in June, she expressed her conviction that working out is a crucial element of her happiness.



End in sight: Lopez has just three more shows before her All I Have residency at the Zappos Theatre in Planet Hollywood ends after 122 performances 

Almost Done: Lopez’s All I Have residency at the Zappos Theatre in Planet Hollywood will soon come to a close, with only three more shows left to go after an impressive 122 performances.


Dancing has been an integral part of my life, and I truly believe that taking the time to move your body is crucial for your overall happiness and well-being. By prioritizing my health and fitness, I’m able to better care for my loved ones. As my All I Have residency at the Zappos Theatre in Planet Hollywood comes to a close, I’m grateful for the 122 amazing performances. Recently, I posed in a stunning blue sparkly dress with cutouts, showcasing my love for fashion and style. While I may be leaving Vegas, the entertainment will continue as Gwen Stefani takes over with her 25-date residency, “Gwen Stefani – I’m Just a Girl,” at the same venue


Girls night out: After her show on Saturday, the songstress partied back stage with (from left) Jessica Alba, Dua Lipa, boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, Becky G and  Sofia Vergara

Ladies’ night: Following her performance on Saturday, the talented singer celebrated backstage in the company of Jessica Alba, Dua Lipa, boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, Becky G, and Sofia Vergara

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