Science Shows This 43-Year-Old Model Has The ‘Perfect Body’—But Wait Till She Turns

A recent study from Texas University challenges conventional beauty standards, suggesting that fuller, curvier figures might represent the ‘ideal figure’. This challenges the fashion industry’s long-standing preference for extremely slim body types, typified by models like Kate Moss. Interestingly, the study’s ideal measurements align closely with those of 43-year-old British model Kelly Brook, differing from traditional beauty ideals.


The study underlines the subjectivity of beauty, emphasizing that attractiveness varies and is not confined to a single standard. It challenges the notion that thinness is the only measure of beauty and opens up the discussion on diverse aesthetic preferences.

This shift towards recognizing diverse body types is echoed in the modeling industry’s growing inclusivity, exemplified by the rise of plus-size models. It reflects a broader societal movement valuing diversity and challenges us to embrace a more inclusive perspective on beauty. The study invites a wider conversation on evolving beauty standards, encouraging appreciation of beauty in its various forms.

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