Passerby Captures Hilarious Moment On Camera After Owner Leaves Dog In Car

It’s so boring to sit in a car while waiting on someone to come back out, especially without entertainment. That’s exactly what this boxer was thinking when the dog’s owner left him in the car in a Canadian parking lot. So, as intelligent dogs do, this boxer began to honk the car’s horn.

Luckily, while one man was on the way back to his own car after going for a swim at the nearby pool, he caught this canine’s hillarious human-like behavior on camera back in 2017.

According to ViralHog, this British Columbia resident was on his way home when he hard honking coming from the parking lot. “My husband was leaving the pool and heard a really loud and continuous car horn coming from the parking lot,” the man’s wife said, according to ViralHog. “At first he though there was a person sitting in the front seat of the car leaning on the horn, but as he got closer he realized it was a dog. He started filming and as he got closer he could see the dog’s paw pushing on the horn. He stopped filming and tried to distract the dog to get him to take his paw off the horn, which the dog eventually did.”

This boxer couldn’t stand to sit still and wait like a “good little dog”. He came up with a way to get some attention, and we should all be thankful that someone had the thought to video tape this — because otherwise, it’s sort of hard to believe. Who knows? Maybe next time we’ll see this smart dog driving on the road.

Boxers are an especially intelligent breed of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club. That’s no surprise after watching the video. Not only are they intelligent, but they certainly seem to be very energetic if this human-like boxer is any indication.

This makes them a great sidekick for those who love to do outdoor activities and stay active. This also makes them great for families who have a lot of time to play and love on them.

After a few minutes, the boxer has grown quite impatient. He’s done, and isn’t going to wait patiently anymore. It might have only been a few minutes, but to him, it seems like it had been a lifetime.

He decides he needs to make a plan that’ll get his owner’s attention and bring him back to the car as soon as possible. He takes to the horn to put his plan in place.

He runs over to the driver’s side and sits up like any driver would do. He balances one paw down and one on the steering wheel. The honking most likely got a lot of attention, but folks are assuredly very confused by what they see. Could it really be a dog sitting in the driver’s seat honking the horn? Yes, that’s exactly what’s going on. In any case, seeing is believing, so you should watch this video for yourself. It couldn’t be any funnier.

But beyond making for a hillarious video, it’s also important to keep in mind that pet owners should not leave their furry friends alone in vehicles. In fact, according to the Humane Society, owners should never leave their pets unattended in cars for any amount of time, especially in the summer when vehicle temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees farenheit. Plus, if you do end up leaving fido in the car, he might make a ruckus and get the attention of the whole neighborhood like this boxer.

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